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Meeting Jesus Today

Meeting Jesus Today: For the Cautious, the Curious, and the Committed

The human Jesus transformed, liberated, and empowered person after person, changing their lives forever. It’s so simple, this Way of following Jesus. While simple doesn’t mean “easy,” it is a path worth following and a challenge worth pursuing, especially if we let the Spirit of the Living Christ lead us, one step at a time, one day at a time. That’s not easy, either. Meeting Jesus Today, ideal for both individual study and small groups, is intended to be used as a workbook. It is designed to move readers from studying the Scriptures and ideas within the chapters to recording their journey with the Living Christ. Jeanie Miley calls this process of interacting with the biblical record and our thoughts, experiences, and yearnings soulwork, and she believes this process is one of the ways the Living Christ works to do what Jesus did: healing, transforming, liberating, and empowering us as we give ourselves to the process. Readers may delve deeper into Scripture with reflection questions in several categories—Exploring the Scriptures, What About You?, and For Your Eyes Only—questions that are intended to move the ideas in each section to a deeper level where you live in Christ and he lives in you.

Dance Lessons

For years, Jeanie Miley followed God by practicing spiritual disciplines and experienced enormous benefit from incorporating those practices in her daily life. In Dance Lessons: Moving to the Beat of God’s Heart, Miley suggests that instead of seeing a relationship with God as a duty to be fulfilled or a defense against trouble, what might happen if we see that relationship as alive and deep, life-giving and intimate? What if living the spiritual life is primarily about the experience of a vital and personal love relationship with God? What if we see our relationship with God as a dance?In this book about the contemplative life, Jeanie Miley uses her experiences to explore the traditional contemplative practices that spiritual pilgrims have employed for centuries to facilitate their ability to move to the beat of God’s heart in this sacred dance of life.


Praise for Joint Venture: Practical Spirituality for Everyday Pilgrims: “Jeanie Miley is an authority on Joint Venturethings spiritual and on what she calls the Joint Venture, because she knows the Author of Life and the Giver of Salvation and the Inspirer of our Souls and Lives. She is an authority on matters of the heart and our walk with God because she has prayed without ceasing and traveled the world from without and from within for truth. She has walked with many fellow pilgrims and has taken the wounds of her life—the wounds that we all have to a greater or lesser degree—and she has with conviction and honesty taken us to the scarred but redemptive hands of Jesus. She has shown us how grace leaks out of the brokenness of our lives, and that we not only need God but each other in the Joint Venture of grace. Reading this book is a feast. Come to the table and be fed.”
—From the Foreword, by James W. Nutter, Rector, Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church, Houston, Texas

Becoming FireIn Becoming Fire, Jeanie has taken thirty-three of the Gospel encounters that Jesus had with individuals and has written seven “you are there” meditations for each one. In the meditations, the reader is invited to enter into the experience of the persons in the stories, using creative and active imagination to enter more deeply into the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus. Each day’s meditation is a “seed for contemplation,” intended to lead more deeply into the prayer of the heart.
Creative SilenceThe Spiritual Art of Creative Silence, now in its third edition, is a simple handbook to help beginners in the art of silence and meditation. It is about how to make the silence creative, and also about the creativity that comes from practicing the silence.
ChristheartIn ChristHeart, Jeanie has followed the same format as in Becoming Fire, but invites the reader/prayer to enter more deeply into the heart and mind of the human Jesus and imagine the feelings, thoughts, struggles and intentions of Jesus as he lived his earthly life. In identifying with the human Jesus, individuals are brought to a greater awareness of their own “Christheart” and “Christ consciousness.”
Sitting StrongSitting Strong suggests that when life knocks the props out from under you, it is possible to gather up your agony and wrestle with it in the presence of the God who may feel strangely absent. This book is not about being strong; rather, it is about that terrible time when all you can do is stumble onto the ash heap of suffering and simply sit.
Joining ForcesJoining Forces is Jeanie’s most recent publication. In it, she explains that our deeply ingrained gender expectations have created an imbalance in our emotional and spiritual lives and have kept us from becoming our most authentic selves. Joining Forces will help readers discover the masculine and feminine characteristics that connect, unite, and restore us.
AncientpsalmsAncient Psalms for Contemporary Pilgrims uses various psalms as seeds for contemplation, inviting readers to explore a host of topics through daily meditations. Topics include the God-concept, the self-concept, afflictive emotions, gratitude, praise, and trust. Provocative questions for each day’s reading lead the reader into reflection and integration of the psalms into one’s own inner life.

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