The Retreats

Jeanie leads retreats that inform and educate about practical, relational spirituality.

Besides the topics listed below, Jeanie leads contemplative retreats, using a variety of material. She also leads workshops and retreats based on her book, JOINING FORCES: BALANCING MASCULINE AND FEMININE.

She leads a workshop or retreat on the process of transformation through suffering in the book of Job, based on her book, SITTING STRONG: WRESTLING WITH THE ORNERY GOD, as well as numerous offerings, using the life of Jesus and the book of Psalms. She has led numerous workshops and retreats on the processes of recovery from codependency, the discovery of gifts and calling, the healing of loss, emotions and memories.

Jeanie’s basic retreat or workshop offering is “Joint Venture: Practical Spirituality for Everday Pilgrims”, in which she provides a lifeline of spiritual formation, discusses the True Self and the False Self, what it means to be made in the image of God, the joint venture between God and the individual that facilitates the growth of the True Self, the barriers to the True Self and ways of overcoming the barriers. This material will be presented in her new book, JOINT VENTURE, which will be released by Smyth and Helwys Publishing in the spring of 2009.

Jeanie is a trained facilitator for Centering Prayer workshops, and has been trained to lead various other workshops.

General Topics for retreats
Making Space for Grace
Teach Me to Dance
Let Your Light Shine
Mary Magdalene: Woman of Faith
Sitting Strong: Wrestling with the Ornery God
Joint Venture: The Growth and Development of Faith, of Practical Spirituality for Everday Pilgrims
Joining Forces: Balancing Masculine and Feminine
Keeping Hope Alive
Love: Giving it/Receiving It

Contemplative Retreats
Encounters with Jesus
Becoming Fire
Creative Silence
Praying the Psalms
Beside Still Waters (Parts 1 and 2)

Leading Relational Bible Studies
Gift Discovery (based on the workshop, Volunteer Career Development: Self-Assessment and Self-Management)Spiritual Formation and Growth
Contemplative Prayer
Using the Scriptures in Prayer
Centering Prayer

Speaking Topics and Sermon Topics
Choosing Life, Making Peace, Giving Love
Forgiveness as a Way of Life
The Power and Practice ofGratitude
The Whisper of his Grace (from Job)
Made in the Image of God
Love — The Real Thing