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Book Description

This book isn’t about the quest for love. It is about waking up to the love that is at our essence.

Jesus sets the bar high for us with his teachings about love, and great writers, scientists, poets, and teachers take it as a given that love—loving and being loved—is necessary for human beings to flourish. Fierce Love is about learning to see yourself and know yourself as a conduit of love, operating from a full heart instead of trying to find someone to whom you can hook up your emotional hose and fill up your empty heart.

Readers who accompany Miley on this journey will find themselves, like her, changed, humbled, and inspired as they explore what it means to respond to God’s commandments to love—authentically, fearlessly, deeply, fiercely.

About the Author

Jeanie Miley is a writer and columnist, retreat leader, and speaker on topics of spiritual growth and contemplative prayer. She is the author of twelve books and has written a weekly newspaper column, “Growing Edges,” for thirty-six years. Trained at the Spiritual Direction Institute in Houston, Texas, Jeanie has read and studied broadly in the areas of spiritual growth and is a spiritual director. Jeanie teaches a popular women’s Bible study at River Oaks Baptist Church in Houston, Texas, and at other sites in the Houston area. She is a frequent retreat leader for groups across the country. Visit for more information.

Book Reviews

Anything that helps us, individually and collectively, to love more and love better, is worthwhile. . . . I believe your readers will find his or her love “pearls” among your wealth of experiences, explanations, Scriptures, and inspirations.

—Denton A. Cooley
Founder and President Emeritus
Texas Heart Institute


Imagine immersing yourself in a bath of pure love, and lying in it until your whole being has been saturated, revived, and set free to be God’s gift to the world around you. That’s what reading this book is like. Fierce love—not an ordinary, anemic kind of love that we so often imagine and try to practice, but a love that is vigorous, unrestrained, and completely overpowering. That’s what Jeanie Miley presents in this extraordinary book. I won’t ever be the same after reading it—and neither will you!

John Killinger
Author of The Ministry Life and The Caregiver’s Bible

Putting the words fierce and love together is only the first surprise of many in this guide to a healthy heart by Jeanie Miley. In her characteristic way, she takes you deeper than you thought you wanted to go only to find that when you do, fear gives way to love again and again.

George A. Mason
Senior Pastor, Wilshire Baptist Church
Dallas, Texas


Books on God’s love never go out of fashion. No doubt it is because most of us struggle to believe that beneath all the suffering, failure, and conflict we see around and within ourselves, what remains is a God who loves. Jeanie Miley—an admitted learner on the subject of God’s love—adds her voice to the chorus of saints who have staked their hope on nothing less. Jeanie is a good friend to have on this journey. Take and read.

Steven Purcell
Executive Director, Laity Lodge
Kerrville, Texas


Above the accusatory jangle of a world grinding its gears, Jeanie Miley’s Fierce Love is a descant so clear and true, it makes me want to weep and pump my fist at the same time.

Julie Pennington-Russell


There can be—and are—some truly wise books about love. There are, however, very few books about love that are practical. The unique thing about Fierce Love is that it manages to be both wise and practical. It is also, by the way, gentle, rich, personable and, in places, downright beguiling.

Phyllis Tickle
Author of The Great Emergence

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